Come to Socialist Students National Conference

 Socialist Students national conference

The Socialist Students national conference will be taking place on Saturday 13 February and will be hosted by Coventry Socialist Students in the following venue: Coventry SQ Club, Ringway Whitefriars, Coventry, CV1 2DT. The venue is a short walk from Coventry Railway station  This is an important political event for student activists, and is a crucial opportunity for Socialist Students nationally to meet and set a way forward for our work in the year ahead.


The agenda for the conference is below. 

 9.30am – 10.30am Registration

10.30am – 12.30pm Building the student movement in the age of austerity

12.30pm – 1.45pm Lunch break There will also be a 30 minute discussion on building Socialist Students in schools and colleges (to be attended mainly by current school/college students) during this break

1.45pm – 3.30pm Debate/ forum: Corbyn, Labour, and the struggle for political representation for workers and youth

3.30pm – 3.45pm Break

3.45pm – 5.15pm Motions Debate a chance to discuss and decide on the political direction of Socialist Students for the next year

5.15pm – 5.30pm Elections for the Socialist Students Steering Committee

5.30pm-6.00pm The struggle is international Greetings/skype link with student activists involved in the fightback around the world   Breaks will also take place where required within sessions  

Travel arrangements

Coventry Socialist Students have provided some helpful advice for you when you are planning your travel for the day:

  • The venue is based in Coventry City centre – less than 5 mins walk from either the train or bus station.
  • Coventry train station is 20-30 min train ride from Birmingham New st, with trains every 15-20 mins from 5am to midnight
  • National Express goes to Coventry bus station – Pool Meadow
  • Megabus to Coventry actually goes to Warwick university/Cannon park – which is on the outskirts of Coventry and a 25-30 mins bus ride away (though only less than 10 mins lift in car if needed)
  • However the best Megabus destination (practically every Megabus route goes via here) is Birmingham airport from where you can get a train from Birmingham International  station to Coventry - which takes around 10 mins with one every 15. Again these run from 5am – midnight.
  • If you require a lift to the venue from one of the Coventry based stations this is possible for those who really need it.

Social Coventry Socialist Students invite everyone to join them for a drink in the Centre after the conference.

Accommodation There is a limited amount of accommodation available for those who need to stay in Coventry on either Friday or Saturday night. Please let us know if you need this as soon as possible (the sooner the better) or by 5 February at the very latest.


Every society is entitled to send up to ten elected delegates to the conference. There will also be space for visitors if there are more people interested in attending. Please submit lists of delegates once agreed or by Wednesday 10 February at the very latest.

Timetable for motions and proposals

Any Socialist Students society is entitled to submit a motion or proposal for discussion at the conference, provided it is agreed on democratically by the group.  The motions should be submitted via email. The deadline for motions submissions has been extended to Monday 8 February at 9am. The deadline for amendments is now Thursday 12 February.  

Timetable for elections

At last year’s conference we elected a steering committee of 8 people. People who want to stand for next year’s committee will need to put themselves forward via email by Monday 8 February.  


Pooled fare

In order to make the cost of travel fairer for people who will have to come a long way to attend the conference, we will be operating a pooled fare. This means that the average travel cost for everyone attending is calculated and those with lower than average travel expenses will be asked to contribute the difference, while those with above average costs will be entitled to draw money out of the pool. This way everyone should pay the same amount to get to the conference. I’d ask you to please start looking into cheap transport options  as soon as possible as this brings down the cost for everyone.

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