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Urgent: Solidarity needed with South African students

The enormous #feesmustfall movement that swept South Africa in the autumn has inspired students around the world and was able to score a substantial victory against the ANC government. Below is a letter written by student socialists in South Africa, describing the #outsourcingmustfall campaign which has developed out of this. The letter is a request for solidarity from students there, and for assistance with the setting up of the new Socialist Youth Movement in South Africa. We are asking Socialist Students societies to urgently raise this issue in students unions and to do all they can to help provide this much needed assistance.

This call is given added urgency by the shocking news of the abduction of an #outsourcingmustfall activist. For details of how to arrange any donations from students unions or societies please fill in a ‘join’ form on this site, leaving contact details, and a comment explaining that you wish to support this solidarity appeal. We will then get in touch directly.

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Cardiff students join #copsoffcampus protest

To show support to students and protesters brutally attacked by the police last week, Cardiff students joined yesterday’s national day of action with a demonstration outside of Cardiff university.

Nearly 40 students attended the cops of campus protest from two different universities and a local sixth form, all showing their anger at this attack on the right to protest.

A letter condemning the violence and demanding that the NUS call a national demonstration was signed by many on the protest, including students union officers. » Read more..

Sussex strikes back

by Sussex Socialist Students

A day after the latest strike by higher education workers, and well supported picket lines of workers and students at Sussex University, management announced the immediate suspension of five so called “ringleaders” of the anti privatisation campaign.

No evidence was provided, and the five were forbidden entry to campus. This provoked an immediate and furious response from students and others. With less than 24 hours’ notice, a 300 strong demonstration gathered on Sussex campus demanding the reinstatement of the five. » Read more..

Exeter: Students support strike and carry out short occupation

by Jesse Dodkins, Exeter College Socialist Students

Striking spirits were present in Exeter on 3 December as joint strike action took place between higher education staff unions who are experiencing a 1% pay freeze and have who have experienced a 13% real terms pay cut since 2009. This time they were joined by UCU members at the further education institution Exeter College, also taking action over pay.

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Socialist Students helps force NUS to back education strike

The National Union of Students’ NEC voted “to stand in complete solidarity with workers taking strike action” in the December 3rd strike in higher & further education. Employers must now face education workers & students united as the dispute over pay and equality enters its 4th month. The motion passed, (see below) contained a number of mandates for NUS to carry out in the build up to the strike (though disgracefully, the clearest language calling for students not to cross picket lines was removed by Labour Students). It’s now vital that we maintain this pressure and use the NUS support to help organise students to turn out on the picket lines and bring solidarity. We should also put pressure on students unions to make sure that joint student union, trade union campus meetings that the motion called for are carried out. Socialist Students and NUS NEC member Edmund Schluessel, who submitted the motion, said, “education workers and students are natural allies. I hope this is the start of a long partnership against austerity & in the fight for an education system free at the point of use.” » Read more..

On the eve of the national demo…fresh attacks on Sussex Uni occupation

In a few days time, on Monday 25 March, hundreds students will arrive at Sussex Uni campus for a national demonstration against privatisation in solidarity with the 6-week long occupation. Today, in response, out of touch Sussex Uni management have tried to intimidate and remove the occupiers. Socialist Students condemns any attempt to undermine the right to occupy, protest, and strike. Sussex Uni management are worried about the growing and huge opposition to their ridiculous privatisation plans inspired by the 6-week long occupation. Sussex Uni management want to stop the occupation on the eve of the national demonstration, but it will not work! Solidarity with Sussex Against Privatisation!

Join the demo: 25 March, 1pm,
University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9RH

Please send solidarity messages to sussexagainstprivatisation@gmail.com

Twitter: @occupy_sussex
Facebook: “Stop The Privatization Of Sussex University Services”

For more info see: http://www.socialiststudentsarchive.org.uk/?p=783

Sussex Uni Occupied – Solidarity from Unison campus activist (personal capacity)

Students from Sussex Against Privatisation have occupied the conference
centre at the top of Bramber House at Sussex University. They are protesting
against plans from the university management to privatise services which will
affect 10% or 235 members of staff, by selling off a list of services to private
companies. » Read more..

Solidarity with Sussex Uni occupation

Sussex Uni students have occupied the conference centre on the top floor of Bramber House building on campus to protest the crippling privatisation of services being bulldozed through by the brutal Sussex Uni management. Socialist Students supports all those fighting back against privatisation at Sussex Uni and on campuses up and down the country. Below is the statement delivered by the Sussex Uni occupiers and the Sussex Against Privatisation campaign. » Read more..

Solidarity with Birmingham University Occupation

Socialist Students extends its full solidarity to students occupying the Finance and Human Resources department at Birmingham University over the sacking of Birmingham UCU and lecturer Joseph Nafafe. Socialist Students joins with Birmingham students in calling for his immediate reinstatement to his former position teaching the subject Black and Multicultural studies.