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Fight the cuts at Birmingham University

by Birmingham Socialist Students

On Wednesday the 16th of March, the second consultation about the restructuring of the Birmingham Modern Languages department took place.
The first consultation meeting attracted only a handful of students after they were given just 24 hours notice from the University. Yet on the back of a one-thousand-strong petition in support of an open letter from a Languages student, this meeting filled an entire lecture room with students demanding clear answers. » Read more..

Report of NUS national Conference 2014

From 08-10 April, the National Union of Students (NUS) met for its annual national conference in Liverpool. This meeting came at a critical point in the student movement. The big debates taking place offered delegates a clear choice: do we want a national union that produces reports, sips tea with MPs and prepares its officers for high flying Labour party careers, or do we want one which organises a serious fight against the brutal austerity that’s devastating education? » Read more..

Stop the student debt spiral

No Debt Hike

- Socialist Students Day of Action, Thursday, 6 February

- part of a national week of action against the privatisation of student debt

The Student Loan Company (SLC) is up for sale. Not content with charging us £9,000 fees for substandard and increasingly cut to pieces education, £100m worth of bursaries, a lifeline for the poorest students, could be gone come September. SLC privatisation could see our student loan conditions retrospectively changed, pushing students and graduates deeper into debt.

In public, the government claims privatisation will not affect students. But behind closed doors, leaked documents have revealed plans to allow potential new owners to charge graduates whatever they like, regardless of their original loan agreement. » Read more..

Cardiff students join #copsoffcampus protest

To show support to students and protesters brutally attacked by the police last week, Cardiff students joined yesterday’s national day of action with a demonstration outside of Cardiff university.

Nearly 40 students attended the cops of campus protest from two different universities and a local sixth form, all showing their anger at this attack on the right to protest.

A letter condemning the violence and demanding that the NUS call a national demonstration was signed by many on the protest, including students union officers. » Read more..

Fight attacks on bursaries

by Hugh Caffrey
Bursaries offer a lifeline to poorer students. Now the government that gave us £9000 fees is snatching this away. Socialist Students supports the protests against this cut and agrees that while it is the government’s fault, nonetheless universities should be making up the shortfall in bursary funding from their own generous reserves. » Read more..

Exeter: Students support strike and carry out short occupation

by Jesse Dodkins, Exeter College Socialist Students

Striking spirits were present in Exeter on 3 December as joint strike action took place between higher education staff unions who are experiencing a 1% pay freeze and have who have experienced a 13% real terms pay cut since 2009. This time they were joined by UCU members at the further education institution Exeter College, also taking action over pay.

» Read more..

Letter to student left groups to discuss joint call for a national demo


Dear National Campaign against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC), Education Activist Network (EAN) and Student Broad Left (SBL),

This week’s spending review saw a further declaration of war on education. As part of the government’s relentless austerity programme, ‘savings’ of over £400 million are planned to HE and FE in the next two years. Attacks include a £60 million cut to maintenance grants, £260 million to be taken from colleges and further £45 million to be snatched from higher education teaching budgets. » Read more..

Solidarity with Birmingham University Occupation

Socialist Students extends its full solidarity to students occupying the Finance and Human Resources department at Birmingham University over the sacking of Birmingham UCU and lecturer Joseph Nafafe. Socialist Students joins with Birmingham students in calling for his immediate reinstatement to his former position teaching the subject Black and Multicultural studies.